Sara & Jack - The Dream Team!

Sara & Jack

Ours is a love tale. A lifetime one and much more than that.


Meeting on this Earth *the* person could seem arduous and grueling,  something like stepping a spiral staircase leading nowhere.


The truth is that Love is simple. The simplest thing you could ever think of. The fact is that no matter how hard you try, Love just happens  all of a sudden as it is not achievable. Love is the most precious Universe’s gift.


Me and Jack met a small bunch (a bouquet garni? Jocking!) of years ago: Love immediately spread its wings and amazing projects came to reality one after the other. 


Sailing across the Sea, guiding beautiful souls along the Yoga path, serving and cooking for joyful gourmands all across Tuscany and mixing and matching all of that, organizing  dreamlike retreats, cuddled in luscious villas nestled in the shire. 


The sparkling point of this tale is that Love is shareable.


All of our proposals, from sailing to cooking, are made with that Love and we feel the strong desire to spread them all around: let us add some stardust on you!


Feel free to contact us for any inquiry: we would be delighted to make a connection and do our best to make your desire happens.

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Sara & Jack