The art of Yoga

sara varlani yoga private teacher since 2020


To Sara's Yoga vision

teaching with love

Welcome and nice to e-meet you. Let me introduce myself as Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany: I am ready to travel and take the Yoga practice to you.


What is Yoga to me?

To me Yoga is a path of life: it means physical, mental and spiritual well-being, liberation and self-realization. Currently I dedicate myself to private teaching (I would love to be your Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany!) and I organize Yoga retreats, over the hills and across the sea.


Over the years I have been blessed to meet various teachers to each of whom I am deeply grateful: I have practiced various styles, taught several methods, run a studio. I traveled to follow my teachers, practiced at dawn, fasted, observed silence. 


Now I feel a deep connection with my land, Tuscany: here I have now put down roots and live with my family. This land, the Earth: the Universe is my Guru.


I practice alone, without following the clock. I draw here and there, I love chanting and I am recognizing the scope of meditation: I am like water and I follow the riverbed of my life, the one that the Universe has designed for me.

Not just another Yoga class

Passion & expertise

My focus is to be gentle and compassionate, teaching with passion, in hopes of expanding and deepen everyone’s own potential.

100% Tailored

My mission is to develop practice in a mindful way, finding the variations that work best for individual bodies.

Your satisfaction

Don't be afraid! No matter if you are a new to the mat or an advanced, together we will set the class that suits you the best.

Years of practice

I was set on my Yoga path in 2013 and never stop practicing. Since then, although I teach, I feel I am always a student.

private yoga teacher in tuscany

A new lease of Yoga

My vision of Yoga is multifaceted, it changes ceaselessly flowing like water and different aspects of life merge together. The outcome? These sparkling proposal.

Private Yoga in Villa – Yoga in Tuscany

Yoga in Tuscany and Umbria – Private Yoga in Villa  is dedicated to those who are enjoying a stay in Tuscany and Umbria and desire a tailored yoga class: I am available to teach private yoga classes all year long.


Yoga & Vela

The union between Yoga and sailing, between the physical, mental and spiritual practice and the sea as proposed by  Yoga & Vela is a marriage that transcends the dimension of both holidays and the retreats: it is an experience of liberation and love that cannot be described in its entirety, it has to be lived.


Yoga & Taste in Tuscany – Yoga & Fine Dining

Yoga & Taste in Tuscany  is an innovative private service that combines Yoga and Fine Dining. It is dedicated to people who are enjoying a stay in Tuscany and want to pair a private Yoga class with a private Chef service. Totally customizable.

Yoga & Vela Sara Varlani Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany
Sara Varlani Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany

Every moment is an opportunity to change your perspective.

Sara Varlani Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany
Sara Varlani Private Yoga Teacher in Tuscany

private yoga teacher in tuscany

Traveling seven days a week

No matter where you are enjoying Tuscany or Umbria: I do love traveling throughout these marvelous two. Private Yoga Classes In Villa are available in every part of those regions. Your rented villa is the ideal location for a memorable session. Level up your stay, you deserve it for sure.


Moreover, throughout the year you can plan and reserve your Yoga&Taste event: as for the in-villa service, me and Happy Jack Chef are able to cover the whole Tuscan and Umbrian territory. 


In July and August I team up with Yoga&Vela Retreats: every year we plan different destinations – . what’s in common? Oh, they are all so beautiful! We always schedule a couple of weeks sailing the Tuscan Archipelago and then… Sardinia, Sicily, Croatia or perhaps Baleari? Board on!